Monday, October 17, 2011


She slouched out of a "a long nap" and paced behind her mom as they made a grand opening to the meeting with only the most high of status. The meetings were usually about how to support the village with food and who would be hunters or gatherers but mainly, defending themselves. Zuri almost always had a plan in mind because she was known as one of the intelligent ones throughout the whole village. Food was also served by the servants of the King, Queen, and Zuri but she didn't ask for one because they also follow you around to serve you because Zuri was on a mission. And of course as the princess, Zuri got what she wanted.
The next day of Zuri's mission involved tracking down what normal humans do for a living around the Forest of Lityru. So Zuri crept up to there docking area and made a temporary hiding spot in a couple of shrubs that have been growing for years ever since she started her mission so they helped a lot because they were tall.

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