Friday, October 14, 2011


She scurried up to the edge of the village, a sturdy wall about the height of two bushes. Crouching low in the grass, she could hear People speaking, laughing, finishing up their evening meal. Red, purple and blue lights from the family-fires danced up from beyond the Wall. No one must see her entrance, it would raise unwanted attention.
She slipped through her old passageway she had dug under the Wall and emerged behind a row of dens. Not that they provided much cover. Each was an underground dwelling with an entrance opening up onto a path and none of them rose above the height of a few shrubs. Zuri's den opened up onto this nearest path but, because of her status, was nearly at the center of the village, far from the Wall. She needed only to get further into the village without detection, then she could nonchalantly walk to her den and no one would suspect a thing.

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